By doctors, for patients

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Covid-19 consultations

Medical advice, advice on quarantine procedures, prescription of covid-PCR tests.

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Testing and diagnostics

Receive an appointment for a test (covid-PCR test, blood test, etc.) within 24 hours, and results within 36 hours.

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Follow-up consultations and advice

It is very easy to keep in touch with your doctor on telemedi.

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Network of specialists.

You can consult doctors from many specialties on our platform.

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Easy access to your doctor from anywhere

Telemedi allows you to consult your doctor, psychologist, or specialist at any time, from wherever you are. You will receive a medical opinion on any question related to Covid-19 or any other medical issue, on your computer or smartphone.

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Book your online video consultation

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Get a concrete diagnosis

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Have a continuous follow up

Telemedi ensures the protection and security of your personal and medical data by creating a direct peer to peer link between you and your doctor without going through any intermediary server.


Your complete digital medical office.

Telemedi offers you a complete and integrated package that makes it easy to plan your consultations, even during the covid-19 pandemic. A digital agenda, a virtual waiting room, and a private and secure video consultation space, all in a single platform, integrated with your medical record.

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Personalize your digital agenda

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Chain your video consultations efficiently

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Send prescriptions, and manage your medical files

Telemedi also takes care of the administration related to the pricing and reimbursement of care, which results in significant time savings, allowing you to devote more time to medical work.

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Thanks to the efficiency and the availability of doctors on telemedi, my spectacle at the Venice Biennale was luckily saved! Without telemedi I wouldn't have received a timely and valid test result before leaving to Italy, where a sold-out theatre and my whole team was awaiting me.

Mme. Claire Chevallier, Belgium

The spectacle "Piano works Debussy" received rave reviews in the Belgian press.