Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anyone in need of medical attention can register as a patient on telemedi and book an online videoconsultation with a doctor or any other healthcare provider, often the same day.
  • Healthcare providers can create an account on telemedi and give availabilities in which patients can book their appointments. Healthcare providers can also invite patients directly for videoconsultations.
  • For the patient, our platform provides quick access and convenient care through his or her trusted device from anywhere.
  • For the healthcare provider, our platform offers a convenient way to be in touch with and follow up on patients remotely through videoconsultations.
  • Healthcare providers pay a monthly subscription fee to use telemedi and patients pay a small contribution to telemedi after each videoconsultation.
  • The platform provides all kinds of tools to enhance the videoconsultation for both users: Integrated medical records system, agenda and booking tool, safe channels to send files in a secure way, including digital prescriptions, and so much more.
  • If a clinical lab test needs to be carried out (like a covid-pcr test or a blood sample) or a parameter needs to be taken (like heart rate, temperature or blood oxygen saturation) our healthcare providers can refer patients to one of our own peripheral testing sites, where we serve patients immediately and provide results within 24 hours.
  • Finally, you can trust us with your medical and private data, as telemedi is a company founded and managed by doctors for healthcare providers and their patients.

In short term video medicine is the global answer to the problems of the corona crisis. It allows healthcare to be organized in the current lockdown so that continuity of care is guaranteed and waiting times do not increase.

In the long term the benefits are even greater. Video medicine can be used to organise various aspects of healthcare more efficiently. Think for example of efficient triage of patients to the right consultation or examinations. It simplifies the follow-up of chronic diseases that can be monitored at home. It also honours the intellectual performance delivered when discussing blood tests or prolonging prescriptions.

Telemedi combines both and can thus serve as a patient portal. Through Telemedi, the patient can easily find a healthcare provider in a certain region, hospital, ... and book a consultation with the doctor of his choice. The doctor can use different agenda options; there is the possibility to open a free consultation, but also to specifically invite specific patients.

The platform started with doctors, but has meanwhile been extended to para-medics such as psychologists, physiotherapists, ... This offers great advantages for group practices or hospitals: for example, it is possible to combine a consultation with an endocrinologist with a diabetes educator, or a psychiatrist with a psychologist. Solo-care providers as well as group practices and hospitals can use Telemedi. Where necessary, we adapt Telemedi to function well within your organisation.

The new nomenclature numbers for tele-consultation are requested by the doctors via the third-party payer system. To avoid the administrative hassle of paper certificates, we work together with Easytar, the digital payment system of LTD3. This is of course not mandatory. If you already have an eFact system, you can continue to use it.

But who wants to can easily click through Telemedi to Easytar. All you need is the patient's national registration number, which can be copied from Telemedi. New users must first register with Easytar. This procedure can take 1-2 working days, but you can already enter the video consultations during this period for invoicing afterwards.

No, Telemedi doesn't replace your regular patient record system. The intention is that you continue to use your own record system, this also allows continuity of care. During the video consultations you simply open Telemedi in an internet browser next to it, as a communication platform.

You create medication prescriptions in your own file system, or via Recip-e. The doctor can upload documents during or after the video consultation and send them to the patient. All file formats are possible: photo, PDF, ... The patient receives the document by e-mail, with Telemedi as sender. The e-mail address of the doctor is not visible to the patient.

Via Telemedi, the patient can also send you photographs or other documents to prepare for the consultation. If you want certain things (e.g. a photo of a skin injury, or a photo of the medication list or glycemia diary, ...), you can enter this as a standard question, so that the patient sees this when he or she books an appointment.

We offer a fully bilingual helpdesk function by phone. For starting users there is a short introduction, 1 on 1 with a trainer.

Telemedi is flexible and customizable. If certain changes are necessary, we would like to hear about it.